Enjoy Cafe!

Enjoy Cafe!


Tully's coffee where you can see the Tokyo Sky Tree.



Hello to everyone who viewed the blog.I am a Japanese who likes cafe.


I think Tully's coffee is famous coffee chain in the United States.There is Tully's in Japan where you can spend watching Tokyo's famous sightseeing spot "Tokyo Sky Tree".


This time,I will introduce Tully's where you can see the "Tokyo Sky Tree"".




Where is the Tully's where you can see the "Tokyo Sky Tree"?



The Tully's where you can see the Tokyo Sky Tree is 6minutes on foot from Tokyo Metro Asakusa Station.It is "Tully's Sumida Park store".


This is Tully's along the Sumida River.Sumida The Sumida River is one of Japan's leading rivers.You can also see a sight called "Yakatabune"operated by a ship with roof and seat.


From here it is close to the top sightseeing spots in Japan as "Asakusa"and"Ueno".After having enjoyed here,it is good to go around sightseeing spots.


About Tokyo Sky Tree

Tokyo Sky Tree is a radio tower located in Sumida-ku, Tokyo. It has a height of 634 meters. November 19, 2011, it was certified as Guinness World Record as the world's tallest tower.


The view from the observation deck of Tokyo Sky Tree is the best. Because it is very crowded on holidays, we recommend making reservations in advance when visiting.


You can see the sky tree from anywhere in "Tully's Sumida Park store"



"Tully's Sumida Park Store" is the first cafe in the river in Tokyo. And it is a private restaurant ever entering the river ground for the first time.


This Tully 's has been devised so that the Tokyo Sky Tree can be seen from any seat.



The view is very beautiful.You can also see the lighted sky tree at night.


What would you order?

One cup of coffee is 320 yen at Tully's in Japan.




There is also a frozen drink using Matcha.It is a menu called "Uji Matcha Cream Swarkle".The price is 410 yen with a short size.I think that this drink is not placed in the American Tully's.



I think that the ordering method will be transmitted if you point the menu table and say "This".


Click here if you would like to know the ordering method in detaile⇒Do you know Doutor,a famous Japanese coffee chain. How do I place an order? 


The menu of Japan can be confirmed from here⇒TULLY'S COFFEE

 I am praying for finding my favorite menu.


Details of Tully's that you can see Tokyo Sky Tree

When coming to Japan, please visit us as below.


Store name:Tully's Sumida Park store

Business hours:9:00~21:00